Companies are not going to leave US without Consequences-Trump

President elect Mr. Donald Trump warns of consequences for US firms relocating abroad. Trump announced a deal with air conditioning manufacturer Carrier to keep jobs in the country. They told workers at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis in their first major public meet that “Companies are not going to leave US without consequences”. During the presidential campaign, the republican billionaire threatened to slap tariffs on firms that decamped for places like Mexico or Asia where labor costs are cheaper. Under a deal hammered out with the help of Vice-President-elect Mike Pence, who is Indiana’s outgoing governor, the state offered Carrier $7 million in incentives over 10 years, “contingent upon the factors including employment, job retention and capital investment” the company said. So guys, what you think about the decision taken by Mr. Donald Trump, comment and share your views as it is “The People’s Billboard-Write to Rock”.

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