Hillary will cause World War 3, Donald V/S Hillary Clinton

 Donald Trump says defating Islamic State a higher priority than forcing out Syrian president Assad. He also said that Democrat Hillary Clinton’s plan for Syria would “lead to World War 3” because of the potential for conflict with military forces from nuclear armed Russia. In an interview focused largely on foreign policy, Trump said defeating Islamic State is a higher priority than persuading Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down, playing down a long-held goal of US policy. Trump versus Hillary is getting hot as Trump asked question “How Hillary Clinton would negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin after demonising him?”. She also blamed Barack Obama for a downturn in US Relations with the Philippines under its new president, Rodrigo Duterte , bemoaned a lack of Republican unity behind his candidacy and said he would easily win the election if the party leaders would support him.  So, friends what you think about the statement Trump has given on Hillary Clinton that she will be the root cause of World War 3. I welcome all on my blog and everyone is free to write comments in my blog.